Sun Nov 11 08:43:17 AST 2007
Some users are using their comments to create links to various external sites that has nothing to do with the subject. These links are removed, and if this behavior does not stop, these users will be deleted.
Tue Jul 31 16:14:20 TST 2007
There is currently a problem with web forwarding, so
does not get forwarded to as it should.
Sat Jul 28 23:59:58 TST 2007
I have just updated the zoo list with zoorasia, the Yokohama zoo.
Sun Apr 8 10:33:44 CDT 2007
It has been a while since I updated news, so there has been a few additions:
Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart Germany
Apenheul Monkey park in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan
Japan Monkey
The Fuji Safari Park near Mount Fuji, Japan
Sun Aug 6 14:15:24 2006
knuthenborg safari park has been added to the list of zoo's.
Sun Jul 30 15:36:07 2006
Moscow zoo has been added to the list of zoo's that we now cover.
Thu Jul 27 11:13.12 2006
The webhotel that is using moved to a new platform earlier this month. This prevented users from uploading files. This has been fixed now. I hope it has not been too much of an inconveniance.
Sat Oct 15 20:12:07 2005
Hong Kong Zoo, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Singapore Zoo and Jurong bird park in Singapore has been added to the zoo list.
Wed Sep 7 11:05:12 2005
Austin zoo has been added to the zoo list
Mon Aug 1 11:02:07 2005
Dallas World Aquarium has been added to the zoo list
Sat May 21 10:31:02 2005
Sedgwick county zoo has been added to the list of zoo's
Sun May 1 20:51:02 2005
Oklahoma City Zoo has been added to the zoo list

Sat Apr 16 15:27:32 2005
Fossil Rim Wildlife Park has been added to the zoo list

Wed Apr 13 13:10:51 2005
Arbuckle Wilderness has bee added to the zoo list

Sat Feb 5 16:05:05 2005
Dallas Zoo and Fort Worth Zoo has been added

Sat Dec 4 13:04:00 CET 2004 has once again been moved to a new server
Mon Nov 15 23:43:18 CET 2004
Chapultepec Zoo Mexico city has been added.
Wed Oct 13 21:06:20 CEST 2004
Honolulu Zoo has been added to the list of Zoo's that we cover.
Sat Oct 9 21:02:30 CEST 2004
Another problem with the new server a few days ago, has prevented this site from being seen. These problems should be fixed now.
Sun Sep 19 02:19:54 CEST 2004
After a long period of server problems, the site has now been moved to a more stable server, and we hope that this will lead to period of stabillity. We apologise for the inconvenience the server downtime may have caused.